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Calling herself ‘The Unluckiest Woman in The World’ Marie tries to understand why everything she cares about turns sour and why tragedies befall her close friends.

Her marriage broken, she finds new love only for that to end in heartbreak.

It seems her destiny is to watch her two daughters grow up and leave home, to then remain alone and seemingly unloved for the rest of her life.

Mark, a work colleague tries to help her but, he’s married and she isn’t a marriage wrecker.. Will she ever find love again or will The Jinx get in the way yet again? .....

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THE JINX - by Bob Curby...

The JINX! By Bob Curby has adult content


Blonde, elegant and intelligent, with a figure and complexion far younger than her forty years, Marie hid a secret that would intrigue even the most hardened of investigative experts. She was a sensuous woman with an almost electric charisma, men wanted to spend time with her, talk with her, go to bed with her. It was hard for anyone to believe that there was no man in her life, nor understand why she kept men at bay. Her life had so many tragedies and she had struggled against the odds, there was no man in her life because she'd asked him to go and was afraid of another serious relationship.

She wanted and needed a man in her life, but the losers and no hopers that propositioned her on a daily basis did not fit into her picture of a happy relationship. It seemed that every man she saw that interested her, was already in a happy marriage or a steady relationship. So it was that she went through every day, independent and alone, apart from her two daughters, who she adored. Anyone who met her marvelled at how well she appeared to cope. They were often unaware of how tragic her life had been, any happiness marred by unforeseen occurrences and almost uncanny mishaps.

There were many who had touched her life to their own demise. School friends, long since just a memory, remark on the phenomenal number of times the tragic occurrences in their life had one common factor, Marie. They couldn't explain just how she fitted into whatever tragedy had befallen them, but they had produced the name 'The Jinx.' Marie called herself, 'The Unluckiest Woman in the World' though I'm sure that's an unfair description of herself. So who is Marie?

As she stood examining a diamond under her bench light, she shifted slightly to ease the pain in her ankles. It'd been a long day. Marie was an expert diamond grader in a large dealer's warehouse and she and her work colleagues spent all day taking the sparkling stones out of their delivery pouches, grading and numbering them before replacing them in their velvet pouches ready for safe storage. This was a vital work in the gemstone industry, for diamonds come in all shapes and sizes as well as quality. A diamond grader must know everything about gemstones, be able to identify quality stones, gauge their weight and check the accuracy of the cut.

Every day, Marie and her colleagues would see a hundred or so diamonds each, and would be able to tell anyone that asked, not only where the stone came from, but even who cut it. In between batches of diamonds, they would check and grade, by quality, other gemstones such as emerald, ruby, topaz and aquamarine. Everything had a code number and unique identifier. To some it may seem a mundane and possibly boring job, but, in reality, it was far from boring. Marie enjoyed the interchange and sometimes lively banter with people, like Mark, she worked alongside every day.

Mark, a fifty-year-old ex-stockbroker, worked on the bench behind her. He knew some of the truth about Marie, but yet not everything about the woman with a jinx, who called herself 'the unluckiest woman in the world'. He had more to learn. To say he had a soft spot for her, albeit in maybe a 'big brotherly' way, was a pretty accurate assessment. He had many times talked with her about her bad luck, calling it 'The jinx' instead of her. She had given in to his intense questions and told him a few things about her past.

Even in childhood she didn't escape the jinx. A pretty blonde haired, blue eyed little girl, she was the delight of everyone that met her - at first! She was just five years old when she got her first bicycle. It was bright blue, like the Caribbean. She had stabilisers on the back wheel to keep her upright. She loved that bike and she couldn't wait to get outside and ride it, even though she had never ridden a bike ever.

It was a fine sunny morning when she set off to ride out along the path in front of the house.

"Mummy, watch me – I'm going to ride now!" she had cried out excitedly

"Okay darling – but you be careful…."

The words were hardly out of her mother's mouth when disaster struck........

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