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My first handwritten book was WINDSTORM (in 1990) Published finally in 2010

When a lion is asleep, it’s just like any other cat, cute, cuddly, serene, with almost a smile on it’s huge mouth. The scene changes rapidly when it wakes up HUNGRY!

AFRICA in the last century was just like that, appearing to sleep contentedly, then suddenly waking up to modern needs and government. SOUTH AFRICA was awakening in the early 1980’s and no-one in the Anglo-American co-power was sure where the loyalties would lie. As a nation she had developed an army second only in size to that of West Germany, reputed at that time to be the largest army in the world, in terms of sheer numbers. South Africa had also developed fast breeder nuclear reactors from the French and was also building its own strike aircraft based on the Dessault Mirage III from France, called the IMPALA.

The British government took the initiative to shift the odds a little, and designed a clandestine operation into South Africa – Archie Mellor, retired SAS officer originally from the Black Watch, recruits a team of men and a woman, skilled in military fields but also in nuclear weapons. Their brief? Obtain weapons grade plutonium from a secret fast breeder reactor high in the mountains of Lesotho, build 5 nuclear devices and then place these in strategic locations so that when ordered to do so, they could set the timers going by one single long range transmission by radio, and leave. It is not as easy as it sounds and hidden problems manifest themselves at every turn. What a windstorm it will be when those devices detonate............   To whet your appetite an excerpt follows.....

WINDSTORM - by Bob Curby...

Chapter One

There is a strange eerie sort of silence amid the cool misty air of an African night just before dawn.  Even the crickets stop their seemingly endless song just about then. Stepping outside as the pink glow appears to the east and taking in a deep breath of fresh crisp air through the nose brings a delight of wonderful smells, from the acrid woody smell of the charcoal burners to the delicate fragrance of the night blossoms.

The whole continent seems to be waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, as if by some hidden signal, the birds in the trees lift their heads from under ruffled wings. The silence is broken by a cacophony of twittering and squawking such as can never be described in as graphic a manner as it actually sounds.

Africa is a huge continent, a strange landmass with such a vast area that almost every type of climate seems to be there. From tropical rain forest to seaside desert and from open savannah to snow-capped mountains - almost every sort of wonder is there to meet the eyes. South Africa has its fair share of different climate types. In the high savannah, the lion lives, King of all he surveys, kitten-like when he is asleep; yet an awakening hungry lion makes a formidable and fearsome sight.  South Africa in the 80"s was such a lion, and it woke up very hungry. The nationals wanted their land back, and politics wasn't working, they felt it was time to take things into their own hands and physically take the land back from the ruling white minority. As the mists of the night disperse and the land makes ready for a new day, things are beginning to move.

At dawn the sun slowly begins to poke its head above the distant eastern horizon adding a pink glow to the savannah mists. There is almost a feeling of romance in the air. Sitting with your back against a broad acacia tree with deep grassland stretching into the rising sun gives you a feeling of inner peace and joy to be alive. As the mists hang over the long grass like ghosts that have run out of steam, and the nearby stream seems to quicken its pace, no one can be blamed for thinking that everything's great.

That was how Marius Luyt felt on a lovely spring morning, August 15th 1987. As a rifleman 1st class in the South African land forces, he had a reason to be joyful, that day was his eighteenth birthday, and he was a man. The dawn mist was just clearing away from the tawny grass and the shadows retreating like frightened black worms from the golden rays when Marius stood up, yawned, and stretched. A ripple travelled through his entire body as he flexed all the muscles, pushing away the cramp of the night's sit-out.......   

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